Kelly Paoli, Tanner Zurkoski

Brian Scott Carleton, Danny Pagett, Tim Walker


The rural town of St.Maurice is in an economic crisis.Worn out farms and businesses are facing foreclosures, and the towns people fear for the place they call home. Until the only cop in town, Officer Tom Niles, stumbles upon a bag of marijuana seeds, and proposes an idea. During a routine traffic stop,Tom spooks a speeding driver into dumping a duffle bag full of marijuana seeds out his window. He enlists the help of the parish priest and Mayor to aid in convincing the conservative rural community to grow the seeds into a cash crop that will save them from losing their homes and livelihoods. The Village Green is a dark comedy that follows the exploits of a cast of characters as they attempt to return their town to its once prosperous state, while facing the inevitable hardships of trying to llegally ‘quick fix’ their town’s problems.